Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Year..

As my birthday approaches I begin to reflect upon the events of the past year which has been an incredible year.  

Excellent health.  Spent Christmas with my family.  Laughed and danced with friends. Moved apartments and jobs.  Had an amazing New Years Kiss.  Fell in love.  Lost 15 pounds (15 more to go).  Ran my 1st 1/2 and Full Marathon.  Shined on stage.  Saw old friends.  Watched friends succeed and achieve their goals. Ran over 728 miles in the past year.  

I am not sure what this next year holds for me but I sure am excited to see what it may bring.  I do know that December brings the Honolulu Marathon with the Team To End AIDS.  I am running the marathon to support APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles).  I need to raise $3200 before September 24th.  So far I am at $860 and Rubios is hosting a fundraiser for me on Wednesday, July 20th at the Irvine Location (Harvard and Main).  

I will be donating a total of $1600 myself and any amount you can donate will be a huge help.  To donate please visit:

My birthday is Tuesday and for my birthday Fredy and I are going to Sea World and spend sometime in San Diego.  I love Sea World and San Diego and I can't wait to spend my birthday with the man I love.  Fredy has been an amazing addition in my life and can't wait to see how else he will inspire me, support me, encourage me, love me, and make me smile.