Monday, November 8, 2010

PF Chang's Rock n Roll Marathon

On January 16, 2011 I will be running my very first 1/2 Marathon along with my sister, Jena, and Holly.  I have been trying to get 3 runs in a week to build up my endurance for the 13.2 miles we will run that day.  Some of my runs are much harder than the others and I do feel pretty amazing after my runs.  The one thing I really don't like about my runs is that I can't stop and play with all the dogs I see along the way.  :(  I will be running by someone out walking their dog and to see how sad the dog looks when you run by without petting them is really just sad.  They give that irresistible puppy dog face that no one can refuse but you just keep on going.

Anyways...  For anyone who is the Phoenix Area on Jan 16th and wants to run with us or come out and cheer us along let me know. 

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