Monday, March 21, 2011

LA Marathon Results

On March 20th, 2011 I ran my first full Marathon.  I have been training hard for this day and I began preparing for the increased calorie burn starting Friday night by forcing myself to eat a ton of carbs.  We went to Cheesecake Factory and I has Fettuccine Alfredo and the Ultimate Red Velvet Cheese Cake.  :)  Finished that for lunch on Saturday (not the Cheesecake tho the trash will enjoy that) and then on Saturday night had even more pasta and bread.

Woke up on Sunday morning after a horrible night sleep (nerves got to me) and made the drive to LA Dodger Stadium and had some breakfast on the way.  Got there just in time to start which was nice since it was so cold we didn't have to hang out in the cold for long.  Right as the race started it began to rain and rained pretty much the entire race, luckily the majority of the time it was a light rain but sometime it came down hard.  I walked maybe two miles of it and I was struggling to finish.  It was so cold my calves were locking up but I will do better on the next one. 

Here are my results. Bib # 14951 Division 30 to 34 Male

Clock Time:  4:31:21
Chip Time:  4:23:21
Overall Place:  5014 out of 19,739 finishers
Sex Place: 3943 out of 11981 men that finished
Division Place: 629 out of 1620 out of men age 30 to 34 that finished

Fastest time recorded was 2:06:35 by a 26 year old Ethiopian
Max time recorded was 12:23:19
Average Overall finish time was 5:16:32
Fastest time recorded in my division was 2:14:27 by a 32 year old from Kenya (he wasn't even in the top 5)
Max time recorded in my division was 9:54:36
Average Division time was 4:49:55

If you want to see more results go and you can also see the course we ran. 

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