Saturday, June 2, 2012

Run for a Cause

This year I will be running the NYC Marathon to raise money for APLA.  As many of you know in December I ran in the Honolulu Marathon to raise money for APLA and raised just over $3400.  This year I have a set a goal of raising $5000 which will all go to APLA.  I will be paying for my travel expenses on my own.

I need your help spreading my message and helping to reach my goal of $5000.  If everyone of my FaceBook friends donates $5 we will meet my goal.  Imagine how much we could raise if we spread the word beyond my FaceBook page.

I will be having my Rubio's fundraiser again this year as well as a Chili's fundraiser.  If you have any suggestions on fundraising ideas please tell me below in the comment section.

To donate to my cause please visit

Thank you for all your support and please repost this and tweet it out.

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