Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 2012

So February started out with a bang.  Well more like someone rear ending me and less like a bang.  I took my car to the body shop today and they sent me an estimate of about $800 in damages.  The lady that rear ended me said she wanted to pay for the damage out of her pocket but when I tried to call her Friday the phone numbers she gave me didn't work.  I tried calling her on Friday since I had not heard from her yet.  Good thing I insisted on a police report and I had already notified my insurance company about the accident so I just completed the claim.  Over the weekend while I was out of the office the ladies insurance company called and took responsibility for the accident.  Thank you USAA for being such an amazing insurance company and processing the claim so quickly.  I dropped my car off today and now I have a rental car.  The body shop hopes to have my car fixed by tomorrow.  And the best news is that they are going to fix my mirror for me.  Yay no more duct tape to hold my mirror back onto my car.

If you see a lady driving a 2001 Beige Jaguar on the 405 north bound in the mornings watch out cause she doesn't pay attention and she will try to screw you over.

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