Friday, March 30, 2012

LA Marathon 2012 Results

I did!  I can't believe it sometimes what we are able to accomplish and over come.  This is my 3rd full marathon and the 2nd time running the LA Marathon.  I was hoping to complete the course in under 4 hours and I was on pace to do just that until I hit about mile 18 and I started falling apart.

I started thinking I was wasn't going to be able to finish and I my legs couldn't carry me any further.  I forced my self to start running again after I my heart rate lowered a bit and it hurt to run.  I went from running under a 9 min pace to over a 10 min pace and I forgot how hilly the entire course was.  It was cold and my calves were starting to cramp.  Did I push to hard at the beginning?  Did I hydrate enough?  Did I over train?  These were some of the questions going thru my mind and I was worried about how Fredy was doing since he wasn't doing well when I saw him at mile 10.  He was sick and the car accident we were in the day prior we taking a toll on him.

I pushed and pushed and I walked when needed and then I finally told myself to get over it and take control of your body.  This struggle went on long enough and thank god the last two miles where all down hill after a climb up from mile 15 with only short downhills before another climb.  Check out this link to see how my race broke down and the elevation change on this course..

I crossed the finish line in 4:08:15 according to the official clock which is a major improvement from last years LA Marathon but about 4 minutes slower than the Honolulu Marathon but according to my watch I finished in 4:03:43 which is a minute improvement from Honolulu Marathon.  The difference between the two clocks is that my watch stops with me and the official clock does not.  I did stop for the bathroom a couple times and to see Holly at mile 15 - Thanks for being there Candle!

I pushed as hard as could at the very end and I could barely walk to get my medal.  My legs were done and they wanted to stop and sit but the best thing to do after a run that long is keep moving, plus Holly and Fredy were picking me up.  So I walked to the race exit where there were thousands of rude people crowding the exit and wouldn't move to let runners out to go and meet their friends and families.  Seriously people that is why they have a family reunion area and seriously LA Marathon maybe you need to consider how other marathons do it with exit by last names so there isn't such a back log.

Anyways enough about that!  It turned out to be a rain free day and a huge day for me by being able to over come the pain and frustration of my body and pushing on to have a strong finish.  I am use to pushing thru pain and ignoring it as a dancer but running is a different beast that I am still getting use to.

So what is next?  Well I have Pajama Game coming up that I will be choreographing and as far as running goes we may do the OC Marathon, San Francisco Marathon, Chicago Marathon, or the New York Marathon.  Stay tuned and don't forgot to click on some ads to help support my blog.

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