Friday, March 2, 2012


Inspiration!  There are several people in my life that inspire me to be better, do more, love more, judge less, be more patient on  a daily basis.  I want to thank them for being such an inspiration in my life.  

My beautiful boyfriend Fredy.  He is so smart, loving, caring, and all around amazing.  He makes me want to learn more and push myself to new heights.  He was the inspiration behind running my first full marathon and pushes me to be faster and stronger as I run and he also helps me as I choreograph numbers.  He will tell me when it isn't looking well or when he loves it.  

My sister, Kirsten Erickson, inspires me everyday to be all of the of above and more.  She is such an incredible woman, mom, sister, and person.  She is raising three beautiful children and is constantly helping out our family with simply to complicated time consuming tasks, volunteers at her kids school as well as her church.  

Valerie Swartzman Hartford is a dear friend and my adagio partner also know as my fiancee.  She is raising two children and soon be a third.  Her husband is out of the country every 3 weeks for 3 weeks at a time.  She helps watch her sisters 3 kids while she works and she is helping care for her mother Denise Swartzman who is going thru cancer treatment.

Denise Swartzman is Valerie's mom and momma loves me best.  She is has spent her whole life helping others and making a difference in thousands of young kids lives thru her former dance studio and the Arizona Cinderella program.  She has remained strong and inspirational thru her cancer treatment and shows me love and support every time I see her or talk to her.

Holly Haynick, my candle.  She inspires me with her incredible talent, her drive to teach kids to dance.  She is such a strong and beautiful person and is always there to support me whenever I need her.  She is never threatened by other only inspired by others which is incredible and a lesson that some many need to learn.

Greg Kirby for all his work with kids, his family, his church.  We have been friends for almost 15 years and I have learned so much from him.

Donny Fox for his drive to always be better and do more.  He has always knows how to help you.

Janet Renslow taught me a whole new world of musical theatre and took me under her wing to teach me how to see better patterns and staging ideas.  Every time we talk she is inspiring me and making me feel like an incredibly talented dancer.

There are many more people who inspire me and I will do more to let them know that they inspire me.  

How inspires you and do they know how they inspire you?  What inspires you?  Tell us below in the comment section and share inspirational stories for others to learn from.


  1. You're so sweet!! Such kind and thoughtful words. Thank you love! You inspire me too :-)

    Love you and you're cute!!!

  2. Love you Honey day in and day out. Keep inspiring, loving, and teaching those you come in contact with. We are all so lucky to have you apart of our life...xoxo 'Lil Vix