Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blood Work Results

Today I had my follow up appointment today with Dr Parks and received the results of my blood work. 

My weight was 211
Temperature was 96.4
Blood Pressure 130 over 61
Viral Load is undetectable
CD4 Count is 612

Viral Load refers to the number of copies of the virus per milliliter of blood plasma. An undetectable generally means that there are less than 50 copies of the virus per milliliter.  Doctors look at your viral load and CD4 count to determine if treatment is needed.

CD4 or more commonly referred to as T-Cells give an idea of how healthy your immune system is.  A normal CD4 count is 500. 

The reason my doctor placed me on a treatment program was because of my low CD4 count after my Achilles re-attachment surgery.

The next blood draw will be in March to ensure that my body does not develop a resistance to my current treatment.

Keep checking back for more and don't forget to go for regular testing.

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