Sunday, December 19, 2010

Early Care

I have been posting a lot lately about "knowing your status" which everyone should know but I have not been talking enough about what to do if you test positive.  A friend reminded me of that today and asked if I could share what she is currently going thru to express the importance of seeking care if you test positive.  Finding out that you just tested positive for HIV is life changing to say the least but it starts a whole new chapter in life.  You know must put that knowledge to use by beginning you long term health care.  Find a doctor and start educating yourself on what you need to do to stay healthy.

Here is what she asked me to share:

I was talking with my friend and asked him if I could share his story with you....
I've known him since I was 10 and he was 11. He got into drugs around age 16. He had a rough upbringing and once Meth got ahold of him, it rarely let go. He's been in and out of prision his whole adult life. On one of those trips to prison when he was about 19, he found out he was HIV positive and HEP C positive. It took him many, many years to acknowledge that the docs in prison weren't lying to him. His head was so clouded with Meth. He didn't get the care and treatment that he needed and he didn't quit drugs for any extended period of time. He's now 31 years old and he's in the hospital and it doesn't look like he'll ever be coming home. Many of us have stuck by him despite the drug use and it breaks our heart to see him like this. He's finally acknowledged that "all the bad things I did to myself finally caught up with me." Yet, he doesn't want to face facts and start planning for what seems to be inevitable. His T Cells are zero so the dr's have decided against removing his gallbladder. He's down from 200 to 119 pounds.
I'm sharing this with you because I think that as important as it is to get tested and know your status, it's just as important to do something about it once you do. I am proud of you for being proactive and getting the word out there.
I am going to miss my friend.

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